Your Dog Loves This MusicA new study by the Scottish SPCA sheds light on canine musical preference.
Astra's Fabulous Finds: Wine For Your Fur Baby!How many times do you get home from a hard day at work, or from those strenuous college classes and you can't wait to unwind with a nice glass of wine... while your fur baby sits and watches you indulge? Well, now they can join you!
Drake Reveals His Dog's NameAnother secret from Drake's VIEWS liner notes has been revealed.
Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Puppy For Her BirthdayFellas... TAKE NOTES!
Justin Bieber Got a New PuppyJustin is making sure his older dog, Ester, doesn't get jealous.
New Super Bowl Ad Features Stampede Of Adorable Wiener DogsAnyone can get behind the time-honored traditions of destroying party spreads and watching hilarious commercials throughout the Super Bowl.
Dog Saves Owner From Deadly SnakeThis pup might have literally saved his owner's life.
Dog Sings Happy Birthday With OwnerOkay the dog doesn't sing it word for word BUT he does belt out a few chords in the birthday song.
Motorcyclist Saves Kitten in Busy IntersectionWoah… exhale… exhale… phew! Exactly how I feel after watching this video of a motorcyclist rescuing a kitten in a really busy intersection.
There is a Woman Who Lives with 41 Dogs… Yes, Forty-One!We all love dogs right? Well, yes but maybe not as much as this woman here from Yorkshire, England.
Baby Poops, Dog Gets Scared and Runs Away, Baby Falls OverBabies and puppies - the age old combination sure to make 99% of the population smile, laugh, cry, or any of the above.
3-Year-Old Boy Saved By Cat That Took a BULLET For HimIt's hard to NOT truly believe that cats have 9 lives after reading this story about how one cat saved a 3-year-old boy's life.

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