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“Slowly drifting… Drifting awaaaaay…”

You know the song; it gets stuck in your head at least five times a day. The single “Waves” by Top 40 newcomer Mr Probz has been getting extensive play on New York’s 92.3 AMP Radio – and it’s no surprise. The track has been pumped on dance floors from Miami to Budapest since it’s release and subsequent remix by Robin Schulz in 2013.

“It was the first song that I wrote learning to play the guitar,” says Mr. Probz. “I got a guitar for my birthday; it was the first thing that I learned to play by myself, and I just wrote a song to it. It just came to me.”

“When we put out the original song in Holland, it couldn’t do anything more than it already did. From there it spread around a little bit, and there were all these bootlegs and remixes,” Probz explains about the remix process.

Here’s the original »

“We started getting emails from labels saying ‘hey, can we put it out officially?’ And it was always the same song. And that was the Robin Schulz remix,” he admits.

So, the decision was made to officially release the track with a few changes, which was brand new territory for the songwriter.

Probz says it was “like jumping in the deep… That was a whole different lane that was new to me. EDM… I know a lot of DJs, a lot of house producers, but actually being a part of it was new to me.”

“It also opened my world. Before that I was working on hip hop a lot. Putting out ‘Waves’ almost forced me into finishing that album and put it out… for free. It’s called ‘The Treatment,’ you can find it on my Soundcloud. I just put it online and ended that chapter. Not to say I’m not doing hip hop songs anymore.”

“Now, if you look at my Spotify playlists, they’re the most random playlists ever. It goes from Sam Cooke to Nirvana, to Pink Floyd. I like to mix it up.”

Mr Probz is now focusing on his as yet untitled new album, which he promises will have some hip hop influence to it.

Watch the full video interview above as Dutch singer-songwriter and rapper Mr Probz talks to 92.3 AMP Radio’s Niko about his song “Waves” and its growing success after being remixed by Robin Schulz.

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–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP

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